Internet Download Manager Add-on (IDMcc) for Firefox 13 and 14

26 Apr 2012

Update: I have moved IDM cc Firefox installation instructions and to a brand new web site!
Checkout: IDMcc for Firefox update


You Are great
fixed for me


Thanx alot dude . Its really a great one , jst clicking and it is done .
Nice work bro !!!!

thanks bro!! :)

Perfect !!!

thanks bro....!

You are the best !


Thanks bro. Can't describe enough how helpful this is. didn't even think about updating firefox just because of this.

love to see a guy from SL doing some serious work out there.

(did A/Ls in DRCK -from 2002 to 2004)

All the best.

wow direct installer link ... Thx Alot ... /salute ... :D

NOT WORKING FIREFOX 14 Beta Help!!!!!!

Well I tested this on IDM 6.10 and 6.11 (beta) and both worked with Firefox 14 after installing this add-on update. What's your IDM version ?

Thanx dude............!!!

Thanx dude about Internet Download Manager Add-on (IDMcc) for Firefox...........!!!

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thank's nice share

Thx XD..
Keep Going to share to others ^^..

thank you very much! one click installation! works with Firefox 13 and Idm 6.07

thanks a lot


Thanks bro... :) good article

simply awesome...not just for firefox 14 IDM cc..I am a fan since firefox 8.0 IDM cc..U rock..Many many thanks

Great article, just what I wanted to find.

thanks broo,...

Thank you very much for this easy and valueable feature/

thx a lot brooo :D

Thank you brazillion times,really helpful !
May God bless your soul.

Perfect dude thx btw

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