Install iPhone apps without Cydia - using Cyder for Windows

Today, I'm going to say you about a very useful software if you have a jailbroken iPhone. I'm not going to say how to jailbrake iPhones, how to use iTunes, yada yada. But if need to install Cydia apps , in other words, iPhone(or iPads) softwares that are available elsewhere to Apple iTunes, without your iPhone's Internet connection, here is the software.
Install iPhone applications without Cydia - using your computer

This software is called Cyder, with meaning that you can control the iPhone's Cydia application using the PC software(Cyder).

First, download Cyder 2 here. Cyder is developed by a developer from So full credit goes to them and I do not provide any warranty in anyway. But go ahead and use it. It's free, virus-free, and works with almost every iPhone and iPad.
The installer was created by me. Cyder came with no installer. I created an instalerr with no modifications to Cyder to make uninstallation and distribution easier.

After installed, you need to add repository sources to Cyder first. You can get Cydia sources to Cyder or add your own. I'm not going to advertise any repo. So please add your own.
After adding sources(and connecting to Internet), hit the "play" button to download packages list. Cyder will nicely show which repos are down and which repos worked.

Once package lists are downloaded, go to next tab and you can find-and-download applications you need. The best feature in this is, you can download a package with all it's dependencies. You can add any (practical) number of packages you want to download and start the download queue in next tab.

After downloading packages you want, you can send them to cydia auto-install folder so Cyder can install them in next device boot. Sending applications to AppCake folder and Cydia cache is also supported but sending to Cydia auto-install folder works even more elegant.

Then you just need to reboot your iPhone. In some cases you will need to reboot your device twice. Cydia will install the applications silently and you can do the rest, such as removing or updating them just like you do with Cydia-installed apps.

And here are some screenshots.


Hope you find this software useful and enjoy it.
Good luck installing iPhone apps with Cyder!


it says "no iphone/itouch found"

Is iTunes installed ? iTunes must be installed first, because iTunes comes with drivers to connect to your device.

i have itunes but not working for me WHY ?

it still wont work with itunes installed

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This is a nice decision for those who are not lazy to use PC and then install applications. As for me, it's quite easy to download software directly to iPhone via Safari Downloader and then install it using iFile application.


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